Detox Foot Patch

Made of handpicked ingredients which is 100% natural

Price: Rs. 100 + Rs. 12% GST Charges Shipping: Rs. 50 extra Quantity :One Patch

Product Cost is Non-Refundable.

Product Benefit

  • Energizes your body to feel lighter and full of life
  • Remove toxins & maintains skin beauty
  • Improve your health immune system
  • Supports in body weight loss
  • Muscles feels Relax
  • Foot become Cleam & Clear odor
  • Reduce headaches and tiredness.
  • Support blood circulation & Feel stress free

How to apply Detox Foot Patch Or Usage Instructions

  • Place the patch with the printed matter onto the center of the adhesive strip.
  • Paste it firmly to the affected body part such as feet, knee, shoulder, elbow and waist.
  • Do not use if the patch is damaged.
  • Apply patches before going to bed, allow it to work while you are asleep and remove them the next morning and wash properly.

Storage Instructions: Keep in cool & dry place keep out of reach of children.